Art of Royce Deans

Nature is eternal, that is what captures my interest. Compared to most accomplishments of man, they are either going out of style or simply breaking down, and nature by its nature tends to remain constant. The landscape as a subject changes throughout the day, and each season brings something new. Yet the landscape abides by principles that are unchanging. The human figure likewise has remained the same from the dawn of humankind. I feel a strong connection between the human form and woods, fields, and shorelines.

A personal response to the direct observation of the subject informs my work. I focus on beauty and an overall gestural expression through my mark-making – the quality of a graphite line and the richness of brushstrokes of wet paint describe my experience with my subject.

I tell my students that no matter how photo-realistically their aim maybe when they paint, their painting of a tree or a hand will never be a tree or a hand. In the end, all that remains is a series of brushstrokes on canvas. As artists, we must make the most beautiful marks we have the facility to produce.

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I want announce that I will be presenting Virtual Figure Drawing Sessions. Click here for details.