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Drawing the figure is at the core of every artistic practice,
and if it isn't, it should be.

From the time I was in art school where I could work from the figure everyday it has been an important part of my art making. No matter the sort of work I am finding myself involved in, design work to painting the landscape there are things I have learned from drawing the human form that have helped me to come to a better solution.

"...the best place to acquire this knowledge (of being a fine draughtsman), even for a landscape painter, is not out of doors before nature; because it is so much easier to study drawing in-doors from the nude." –Birge Harrison, Landscape Painting

Working from the figure on a regular basis is not always easy for most artists wishing to do so. Time, space, or simply the cost of hiring the model can be prohibitive. Because I am not the only artist that feels this way, I have organized a Tuesday evening session in my studio. These are sessions are open to artists of all levels of experience, and are uninstructed. All are welcome to come draw or paint. If you are interested, please contact me to arrange when you might come to draw.

Current Tuesday Evening Open Studio Schedule
at my Home Studio 
2894 Holiday Pines
Traverse City, Michigan

(Sessions from 6 - 9pm - $15)

06 January 2015
Model: Meghan by Royce Deans

13 January 2015
Model: Robyn by Paulino Cecilio Jr.

20 January 2015
Model: Melanie by Roger Matson

27 January 2015
Model: Laura by Julie Braverman

03 February 2015
Model: Amanda by Joyce Petrakovitz

10 February 2015
Model: Maggie by Jason Kasper