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Introduction to Finding Authentic 
Abstract Expressionism
A Painting Class by Royce Deans

Authentic abstraction is much more than just splattering and smearing paint to your heart's delight. While it endless entertaining and satisfying to move paint around on a canvas, simply moving paint may make you feel good while you are painting, but it won't likely make a good painting.

There are still the need for painting skills as well as understanding such art fundamentals of composition, scale, texture, line, color and more.

In this class we will experiment with different painting styles and techniques as well as exploring several  methods and avenues that will give you access to inspiration and entry points to making rich, meaningful abstract expressions.

This introductory class is geared towards both those that do not much experience painting and those that have some experience but want to expand their methods and begin to find their expressionist voice. We will be working on and completing a painting in each class.

This course will be held in four 3-hour sessions and will include all the necessary tools and materials.

The cost for this class including materials is $220.00

For more information or to register for this class please fill out the form below.

Royce Deans Studio
Leelanau Studios #3
10781 E. Cherry Bend Road
Traverse City, Michigan 49684
(Corner of M-22 & Cherry Bend)