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by Royce Deans

This series of paintings is a continuation of my exploration of transparency and layers and what incongruous images and textures can end up doing to support each other in spite of themselves.

These paintings are on aluminum printing plates that were originally used to print Copper Press. So the layouts of the grids and text that serve as the underpainting for this series and are visible through the layers of paint are in fact my work as well. 

This group of paintings is about the human condition that we all share. Thoughts, attitudes, vulnerabilies and fragilities. Snapshots of life that are perhaps awkward and a little too intimate and sometimes maybe even too much information, but it is reality at any given moment. 

The aluminum substrate drives the message further as the edges of each piece of aluminum are bent, uneven and torn as a result of their former life as a printing plate. Like us, we have stories to tell and past lives to forget or embrace.

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