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My teaching style celebrates individual expression and creativity. Assisting artist to learn the skills to allow them to execute the ideas in their imaginations is very satisfying for me. I teach those basic skills with projects and ideas that students want to achieve.

It is very important learn to do more than to look, but when you really see then you will find that only then will your creativity really be unleashed.

Skull and Pear - Clarissa age 17 - Beginning Painting
10" X 12" (25 cm X 30 cm) oil on wood

Blind Line and Contour Drawings- Piper age 12 - Beginning Drawing
Ink on paper

All classes have been scaled down to private sessions since my studio has moved to my home.

Contact me and lets talk about what your goals are.

All ages and abilities welcome.

Beginning Classes:
We will start with drawing. Understanding the materials. Discover drawing techniques with graphite and charcoal. We will start with exploration of basic shapes and how they are affected light. We will do this through still life studies.

We will also begin basic color theory. We will experiment with this new understanding by doing color pastel drawings and watercolor painting.

Drawing Class:
In this session we will concentrate solely drawing. We will look at many different subjects. Still life, landscape, and portraits and a final project of the artist’s choice.

We will be exposed to different painting mediums. Oil, acrylic, watercolor and oil pastels.
Subject will varied based on the interest of the artists.

Collaborative Painting:
In this experimental session we will explore the concept of collaborative art and painting. We will work together in pairs to create single pieces of art. Through this process we learn to give up ownership and discover what is most important in making a painting work. This valuable experience will enable artists of any ability and experience to go back to painting on their own through brand new eyes.

Painting with Music:
We will be experiment with moving our paint around to different music and see what the affect is. Traditional to abstract styles well be explored and there are no wrong answers in this session. This class is guaranteed to be liberating to your creative side.

Plein-Air Painting:
Plein-Air Painting is painting outside and on location. We will start by exploring the grounds around the studio located adjacent to the Vasa. We will also take some field trips.

Studio Class:
In Studio it is a mentoring situation where the participants can choose their area of interest as far as art materials and subject matter.

Figure Drawing:
We will work from a live model and be studying anatomy of the human figure.

Portfolio Building and Review:
Artists preparing portfolios for college or art school admittance, even prospective job interviews, will bring their work and the institution’s requirements to the session. A personalized review will be made and projects will be developed to round out the portfolio to the highest standard.

Private Instruction and Mentoring:
Individuals wanting one on one attention may want to schedule private sessions to work in the studio and receive completely individualized instruction and critique. Exploration and direction will largely be determined by the participant.

European Art Excursion:
Exact details will follow, but there will be a trip to Europe that will afford a true artistic adventure with opportunities to paint paint paint as well as available workshops with local artists and excursions to museums. The Morvan region in the the south east of France is scheduled for the summer of 2010. Costs will include accommodations and workshop fees, not airfare.
Call for details.


Group lessons starting at $120 for 5 weekly 2-hour sessions. Some sessions will include materials. (Prices may vary)

Private sessions scheduled individually starting at $50 per two hour session.