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Nature has so much to offer –  I respond to it best when I place myself directly in its presence. It might be the model or the landscape – the profound experience of observation, and processing the energy of the moment allows me to respond in a manor that informs and enlarges my understanding. Filled with contradictions and surprises, I find endless potential in all that surrounds me.

Life provides the building blocks: proportion, time, space, and texture. All serve as a foundation on which I build my work. 

In recent years I have spent a lot of time making abstract paintings. As a result, my landscapes and figurative work are in new ways more expressive, loose, and in tune with the essence of the subject.

It pleases me when I see the forms of the figure and the outdoor scenes I am so familiar with make appearances in the abstract work. They are woven in and have become part of the fabric of those abstract compositions.