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Nature has so much to offer –  I respond to it best when I place myself directly in its presence. Since moving into my new studio space in the Leelanau Studios in Traverse City in fall of 2015 I have focused a lot of my work on nature in a different way. I have been working nearly exclusively from the live model. Working in this way has had a profound impact on how I understand proportion, contour and overall composition. The fluidity of the human form that is ever changing when working with living, breathing model is a most beautiful challenge. My ability to grab a hold and process the moment has been mightily enhanced. 

Working from life provides the building blocks: proportion, time, space, and texture. All serve as a foundation on which I build my work. 

The structure of my landscapes and abstract work has been joined by this new body of work that adds to the visual language that I speak.

I have also have much more regular opportunity to teach classes and lead workshops in my new space. These teaching moments are most fulfilling and satisfying for me. I very much enjoy working with artists of all levels to help them to improve their own technical skills as well as their powers of observation. 

Please stop in the studio if you are nearby.

What is happening in my studio these days?

 Figure Drawing Class: Jan. 18, 25, Feb. 1, 8. Contact for more info: info: royced@gmail.com

  • Tuesday Night, Open Figure Drawing Sessions. 6 to 9pm (No Session on Dec. 26th)
  • Wednesday Afternoon, Open Figure Drawing Sessions. 1 to 4pm