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I am nearly always in wonder of the natural world around me. It’s beauty and balance gives me peace. Many years ago I was much more interested in pop culture and the things that man has created to make living on this planet easier and to keep us entertained. But these accomplishments of man, which are many and are indeed astounding are ever changing, breaking or going out of style. 

What I find in nature and its consistency is what is capturing my interest now and is what I find myself responding too in a positive way. There is comfort in the consistency of nature, it is something we can depend on. Yes, the landscape always changing, but the principles of how the entire ecosystem work together remains the same. Likewise the human figure has basically remained the same from the dawn of man. I guess that is why my direction has shifted over my career from cars and pop-stars to woods, fields, shorelines and the human form.

My work with the landscape is built with a sense of a specific place in mind and my figure paintings are very much concerned with correct anatomy and proportion. My work is very much about beauty and creating compositions that allow for that same comfort that I get from nature. To accomplish that I must put myself in direct proximity with my subject. That means I need to take myself and my art materials into the landscape, or in the case of the figure work, it is essential to have the model in my studio.

My process requires it. To be able respond to natural beauty in such a direct fashion gives me the most satisfaction.

What is happening in my studio these days?

Go up to Northport to the Wright Gallery at 210 Mill St.


  • Tuesday Night, Open Figure Drawing Sessions. 6 to 9pm

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